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We are combining our legacy as an industry pioneer, our current industry leadership position and our vision to give people freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world.

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Al-Azeel General Trading W.L.L

Al Azeel General Trading WLL based in Bahrain is a multinational company who are into the manufacturing and supply of elevators & cabins. the company started in 2015, became a fierce competitor in the field, in a short period. Al Azeel is a partnership firm, functioning efficaciously under the guidance of Roby Kurikesh David and Shahanas Anas Mullath.


Our experienced engineers clarify your requirement. We are happy to assist you any time.


Highly qualified & experienced engineers monitor each stage of development & implementation.


Renovate with new equipment. We provide elevators, Escalators, interior fit outs, exteriors & Tents.


Creatives Never End. Talented designers draw your ideas. Unique designs with amazing color combinations


Special Features

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Types of Cabins & Features


  • These are the easy-to maintain cabins which can be used as offices, houses, security cabins, toilet cabins, etc..
  • Large reusable intermodal containers that were used for transit were converted to cabins.
  • These cabins are easy to modify and are durable for a long time as the material used to build containers is carbon or galvanized steel.
  • We are able to build beautiful and eco-friendly cabins as per the requirements of our customers.



  • These are wooden cabins which can be easily dismantled and re-located.
  • The cabins are strong, secure and include facilities like water, electricity and sewer facilities.
  • The portable cabins are easy to install on the sites.
  • These cabins can be used as cottages, housed, or offices.
  • the material used to build are water-resistant, durable and earthquake resistant.
  • These cabins are durable and cost-effective, people can fulfil their dream of constructing a home at an affordable price.


  • These cabins are made of concrete cladding and steel.
  • These cabins are strong, secure, durable and include all modern amenities.
  • These are will-built to withstand harsh weather conditions and temperatures.
  • These cabins can be used as cottages, houses, or offices.
  • Prefabricated cabins in diverse designs whit a well-furnished interior.


3D Wooden Maps

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When planning and setting up your home there are multiple points of attention to cater to, ranging from furnishings to electronic devices and their consequent set-ups. This is where the role of electrical switches and sockets comes into play. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing switches and sockets Design, quality of the material, Safety, Repair, and Replace Connectivity. We are here to help you from exquisitely crafted switches or weatherproof sockets that resist extreme circumstances, we deliver satisfaction, control, and protection to your home and suit all interiors.


We involves buying and selling scrap materials.

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We move 100’s of people a day and maintain more than 500 customer units worldwide; the world’s largest portfolio. We can be found in many of the world’s most recognizable buildings as well as the busiest transportation hubs and retail centers. We are everywhere people are on the move.

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Keeping your elevator, escalator or moving walk functioning at its peak requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs.

At AL-AZEEL we pride ourselves on being the best at keeping people moving from one place to the next: smoothly, stylishly and safely.

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